Masinara Spa

Since 1971 we have been designing and manufacturing components for rolling shutters.

Our headquarters are in Monteveglio, in the province of Bologna, where our manufacturing is done with automatic moulding and assembly lines. In 2019 we invested in an vertical automatic warehouse to improve customer service.

Together with manufacturing we continuously carry out quality control and product testing activities according to the main European standards for the sector (EN 13241-1).

Experienced innovators

We strongly believe in Research and Development.

Over the last 4 years we have filed over 30 patent applications while carrying out hundreds of tests on all our new products, also thanks to the collaboration of the main testing institutes in Italy (Istituto Giordano) and internationally (TUV).

From Italy throughout the world

We are proudly representing made in Italy.

Our products, designed and manufactured exclusively in Italy, are used by the main manufacturers of rolling shutters in over 60 countries in Europe and throughout the world, from Argentina to the United States, from Turkey to India, Australia and Polynesia.

Corporate mission

We give rolling shutters value.

We believe that among all technical closures, rolling shutters offer the greatest advantages for the end-user and the manufacturer becoming the ideal product in the world of commercial, industrial and residential doors.

Our mission is to offer components and technical solutions that allow rolling shutter manufacturers to create high-value and safe products that provide top performance in terms of durability, energy efficiency and aesthetic impact.

We aid our customers in the manufacture of high performance rolling shutters, anticipating and defining future production standards.

Masinara Spa

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