Sliding system for rolling shutters with central motor and tubular motor

Sistema scorrevole per serrande con motore centrale e motore tubolare

The support system with sliding cart has been designed to move the shutter axis when the rolling sheet diameter varies: during closing, the axis approaches the lintel, in the opening phase it moves away, so as to allow the rolling sheet sliding in the side guides to always remain in vertical position.
This system, developed for roller shutters with central or tubular motorization, has numerous advantages as it:

  • reduces the height of the lintel
  • ensures that the curtain rolls at a minimum distance from the lintel
  • eliminates curtain arching in closed position
  • reduces friction and noise

The sliding cart, patented by Masinara and tested in compliance with European Standard EN 13241-1, has passed load tests at over 1000 kg and durability tests at over 15,000 cycles.

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