“Rolling” wind-lock system

Sistema antitempesta “Rolling” per serrande avvolgibili

A new solution from Masinara for safer-than-ever shutters even in the worst weather: the windproof “Rolling” system’s steel bracket, with double nylon wheel, affords the shutters high wind-load resistance. The sliding structure comprises a side rail with typical double-C profile and thermoplastic gaskets, nylon guide mouth and anchor brackets.
The “Rolling” wind-lock system offers countless advantages for most types of roller shutter profiles: significant resistance to wind; smoother side-rail sliding for decreased friction and noise; reduced side rail depth; better security thanks to an anti-intruder function in the “Rolling” bracket.
This state-of-the-art system has passed tests conducted by TÜV on 6- and 12-metre profiles up to CLASS 4 of wind-load resistance (EN 12424).
Masinara has filed a patent application.

Wind Lock Rolling

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