A question of endurance: new Masinara gaskets

Questione di tenuta: nuove guarnizioni Masinara

The range of Masinara gaskets expands with the introduction of two new references: the lintel gasket and that for the bottom double skin P77 slat.
The implementation of these new components makes it possible to better seal the closure of the shutter, preventing the passage of air, water and dirt and improving the energy class of the building, whether classified as residential or industrial property.
The lintel gasket is supplied in rolls and must be fixed directly on the shutter’s sheet with screws or rivets. It can be cut to size, depending on installation needs.
The gasket for the bottom DP77 slat is fixed in a very simple way, by manually inserting it in the traditional double skin P77 insulated slat, without the need for any specific end slat. This gasket is compatible with standard photocells, so it does not require customized equipment.

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